When Technologies Meet: Challenges and Opportunities for Canada in An Era of Technology Convergence

Conference Day: 
Day 2 - November 2nd 2017

Organized by: Toni Glick, Stella Jiang and Chris Lau | Ontario 
Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science

Speakers: Kathleen Kauth, Director of Partnerships, Advanced Energy Centre, MaRS; Irene Sterian, President and CEO, ReMAP; Duncan Stewart, General Manager, Security and disruptive technologies, National Research Council Canada; Michael Tremblay, President and CEO, Invest Ottawa & Bayview Yards; Iliana Oris Valiente, Founder, ColliderX

Moderator: David Ticoll, Director Emeritus, Information Technology Association of Canada

Takeaways and recommendations: 
  • When attracting big companies to Canada, it is important to also protect the local ecosystem of new venture development.

  • This new age of public interest innovation plays to Canada’s strengths:

    • Canada is extraordinarily good at R&D;

    • Canada has a culture of tackling public problems.

  • With the building of a new power infrastructure, the demand for better battery technology will drive accelerated product commercialization.

  • The internet solved the problem of transferring information; what the internet did not solve was the transfer of value.

  • Blockchain technology is a mechanism for a decentralized protocol that enables the streamlining of several transactions between counterparties.

  • Canada can excel in these technology areas:

  1. New materials: nano-materials, electronics materials and 3D printing – 3D printing can be for a home;

  2. Optics and photonics: sensors and Lidar technology;

  3. Renewable energy: energy storage and battery development.

  • 3D printing combined with new materials and net-zero homes can be applied to smart cities, as well as smart villages and remote communities.