The 2017 Canadian Science Publishing image contest is here!

August 3, 2017
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Canadian Science Publishing

A great image can capture a moment, communicate a message, and stir emotion; it can also help us to share the various aspects of our scientific work and communicate scientific phenomena. Images are becoming increasingly important as a way to share and communicate our science with a boarder audience. Participating in the Visualizing Science contest is a great way to promote your research and have the chance to win some great prizes!

We know that our community of authors and researchers are out there creating and capturing amazing science moments in visual form and we want to spread the word about the scientific process at every stage. Help us get your science out to the world by participating.

Last year’s contest was a huge success, with so many images capturing amazing moments in science and research. To see last year’s entries check out the Canadian Science Publishing (CSP) Facebook page. Follow this year's contest on the Visualizing Science Instagram account.

Understanding that scientific images are not always photographs, we have opened the image contest to all scientific images (photographs, infographics, images from the lab, computer generated images, etc.).

Submissions are open until August 31st at midnight (ET). More information can be found on the CSP website.